2 kcal DRINK

now in savoury variants

Delicious ways to boost compliance all year round!


In addition to our large range of flavours, try the new Fresubin Savoury drinks/soups; Tomato-Carrot and Mushroom 


Designed specifically for people who

  • Require high energy/high protein nutritional supplements
  • Are tired of sweet milky variants
  • Are craving a savoury taste and variety in their diets
2 kcal savoury pack shot

How to warm Fresubin 2kcal Savoury

Shake icon

Shake it 

Shake the bottle a few times to guarantee a smooth texture

Pour icon

Pour it 

Pour Fresubin 2 kcal DRINK into a microwavable bowl

Heat icon

Heat it

Easy heating in the microwave bowl for about 60-90 seconds (800 watt)*. Avoid over cooking or boiling the product.

Stir icon

Stir it

After removing the bowl from the microwave, give it a stir, ensuring the heat is evenly spread through

Eat icon

Eat it

Enjoy Fresubin 2kal drink just like a soup and add seasoning for a boost in the flavour.

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Nutritionally complete

with all essential nutrients in 4-5 bottles (1600-2000 calories) Fresubin 2kcal DRINK offers a nutrient profile for complete or supplemental nutrition

* Do not heat the Fresubin EasyBottle, always use a heatable cup or bowl. Heat moderately up to 65c. Be careful not to overheat: Do not boil!

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