Our Glossary

Our Glossary

of special terms

Simple explanations of special terms

Just as in medicine, there are special terms in nutritional science too which are often not familiar to a patient or the relative taking care of them. You will find simple explanations of these expressions here.

We look for simple and effective solutions, and want to explain our products in clear words that are easy to understand. Feel free to write to us and we will be happy to add any missing terms.


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Products, that deliver high energy and often high protein. They are suitable to complete the individual needs.


Commonly used as a unit of measurement for energy contained in food. Depicted on food labels as "kcal".

Cancer treatment

General term for different therapy forms like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immune therapy including targeted therapies.


Products, that provide the minimum efective dose within one bottle (400 kcal and 20g of protein).

Immune system

The body's own defence mechanisms to fight off infections and other toxins.

Minerals & trace elements

Nutritional components, such as calcium (bones) and iron (blood formation) which are required in larger quantities or in traces.


All elements of food which are important to maintain our body functions (e.g. protein fat, carbohydrates, vitamins).

Nutrition management

Treatment aimed at people with illnesses and nutrition problems which can be lessened by switching or adjusting their diet.

Nutritional deficiency

When the supply of nutrients is less than the body's needs, resulting in a lack of nutrients.

Nutritional status

Provides information about how well the body is being supplied with energy and nutrients.


Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are amongst the basic building blocks of our body cells and are vital to life.




Essential nutrients for the metabolic functions, which the body is unable to produce itself (except for vitamin D).

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