Caring of a good nutritional status
Rediscovered her Taste for Life

The diagnosis cancer changes everything

Being diagnosed with cancer is deeply shocking news. It is clear to everyone that, if we were in that situation, we would scarcely be able to think clearly or take in important information. There is hardly any time to really understand the diagnosis before treatment starts.

But it is exactly when we are in this situation, that we need to find out everything about our health status so that we understand vital information properly. A diet suited to our specific needs, which forms a sound basis for the impending cancer treatments, is one of these aspects.

Nutrition, your secret weapon for the fight ahead

Realise what lies ahead of you and don’t lose courage. Maintaining weight and a good nutritional status can help to better endure the necessary medical treatments during cancer therapy.

Tina’s new life

Thanks to her active involvement and an improved diet, Tina had more strength to get through her strenuous cancer treatment. With balanced supplementary nutrition she was then able to make a rapid recovery, and as she regained her energy, she rediscovered her Taste for Life.

She has now also returned to the stage, and is once again meeting up with her friends and family. She has recognised the benefits of optimal nutrition: nutrition makes a difference.