Fresubin Tube Feeds


More than 40 years experience in tube feeding

Fresenius’ first enteral nutrition product was developed in 1975 in Bad Homburg (central Germany). Since then, Fresenius Kabi has become an internationally recognised expert in clinical nutrition, providing enteral nutrition products to patients in more than 50 countries.
Four decades of continuous research and development in close collaboration with healthcare professionals across the world have produced a sophisticated portfolio that meets patients’ needs in accordance with their conditions, diseases and ages. Ongoing development and innovation regularly lead to product updates and entirely new product concepts based on the latest scientific findings and technological advances.

Timely feeding matters

Starting enteral nutrition early helps to achieve nutritional targets and to avoid energy and protein deficits.

Benefits of timely enteral tube feeding:

  • Increases nutritional intake:
    62% of total energy in hospitalized patients vs. routine care (1) and more than 2.5 times of protein vs. oral intake/non-intervention group (2)

A good nutritional status

  • attenuates loss of body weight and lean tissue in hospitalised patients (1)
  • can support the wound healing process of the body (1)
  • can aid to improve the immune function (1)
  • helps to reduce infectious complications, sepsis, wound and urinary tract infections (1,3)
  • could give the possibility to reduce medications for some patient groups (1)
  • leads to fewer and shorter hospital admission (4)
  • reduces mortality rate of hospitalized patients (-12%) (1)
  • help to Improve clinical outcomes in community patients (1)

Perioperative nutrition should be considered to maintain a good nutritional status – not at least to be able to avoid postoperative complications but also to trigger positive effects on the general well-being of the patient. (1)

EasyBag - Safe and convenient for everyday use

With EasyBag Fresenius Kabi meets the customers‘ demands for a hygienic, safe and convenient feeding solution. It is designed to ensure a high level of safety for patients while being a reliable and convenient product for healthcare professionals. It comes in three different sizes and offers a wide range of product formulations, in line with nutritional Guidelines.

Our EasyBag: Safe

  • Resealing membran (enables connection and disconnection in any position without leakage)
  • Tamper-evident port cap
  • Reinforced port (good grip and easy connection)
  • Unbreakable self-standing bag (for safe and easy handling)

Our EasyBag: Convenient

  • Easy-to-read scale on reverse (to monitor the amount administered)
  • Funnel shape (enables complete emptying)
  • Flat and lightweight (full collapsible, minimized waste volume)

Our EasyBag: Eco-friendly

Explore the green heart of our EasyBag