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As we age there is a high risk of developing malnutrition. It is particularly important to recognise the first signs of this as quickly as possible, and counteract the depletion of the body's tissues by taking appropriate measures. How can you assess your nutritional status? 

Analysis of your nutritional status and diagnosis of an inadequate diet can be undertaken by a dietitian and/or doctor treating you, on the basis of a variety of tests and a thorough medical history. A BMI (body mass index) check – measuring your height versus weight - and completing the checklist for inadequate nutrition can provide you with the first indications of a possible risk.

Body mass index (BMI)

A BMI check will quickly provide you with information about the ratio between your height and weight. The BMI measurement indicated in green indicates that your body weight is appropriate for your gender, weight and height.

Together with the checklist, this information will serve as the basis for a medical consultation and to find out if your food intake meets your needs.

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