Amika® Pump

Amika Pump

The Amika pump is designed to be used at home or on the go for adults and paediatric patients who require enteral nutrition.

The Amika pump is also designed for more safety and has the latest sensor technology to detect any air or kinks in the line. It is a very intuitive enteral feeding pump with its graphic symbol-based display and has direct access to the main functions which can help when setting up the pump ready for infusion.


On The Go!

Designed with comfort in mind with its silent operating, compact design and long battery life for when you're away from home. It can be used and set up on the pump holder/stand or carried in one of the Amika backpacks for life on the go. 

Amika Backpacks
On the go

How to use the Amika enteral feeding pump

Troubleshooting the Amika enteral feeding pump