Creamy and Tasty...and bursting with goodness.

Enjoy oral nutrition supplements differently with our spoonable dessert-like pudding range.

We’ve added 3 new flavours to better support compliance.
Packed with nutrition, our Fresubin 2kcal Crème has been designed to meet IDDSI Level 4* requirements for dysphagia.


Available in our 125g cup which is easy to open and grip.

  • High in energy: 2 kcal/mL - 250 kcal per cup
  • High in protein: 12.5g per cup
  • Provides complete nutrition
  • Without fibre (except chocolate flavour, which contains traces of fibre)

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New Flavours


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Fresubin 2 kcal Crème Nutrition Profile

* IDDSI test performed at room temperature (25˚c +/- 1˚c)