Nutrition formulated for children

With great taste - approved by kids

Dedicated to support a healthy growth

Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink supports your kids on their journey to Grow & Thrive (GT) with high energy, high-quality protein, an adapted fat profile, tailored micronutrients and special ingredients.

Specifically developed, according to the latest recommendations, Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink is based on state-of-the-art scientific evidence and Fresenius Kabi’s long-term experience in Enteral Nutrition, offering comprehensive support for the dietary needs of kids with or at risk of malnutrition.

Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink is a commitment to your kids’ wellbeing. The tasty flavour alternatives support higher nutritional needs without giving up on taste, making mealtimes more pleasant for you and your kids.

Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink* 

supports kids to Grow & Thrive (GT) with all four essentials

High Energy

300 kcal (1260 kJ) of energy

Adapted Fat Profile

8% energy from MCT**, which are fast and efficient energy supplies, for easy digestion, absorption and good tolerance

High Quality Protein

7,6 g of high quality milk protein, ensuring maintenance of muscles

Micronutrients & Special Ingredients***

Vitamins e.g. 3,0 µg of vitamin D;  
Minerals e.g. 210 mg of Calcium; 
Trace elements e.g. 2,4 mg of Zinc and
Special ingredients e.g. 9,0 mg of Carnitine, 24, 8 mg of Taurine, 45 mg of Inositol


Four different tasty flavours of Frebini® Drinks help children willingly consume them, giving parents the confidence to adequately support their nutrition. Frebini® Drinks help increase energy intake and may improve body weight and growth while pleasing their taste buds.

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Nutritiously delicious

Taste is a priority for all children, and the success of nutritional support depends on their acceptance and liking. That’s why we asked the kids to evaluate Frebini® Drinks in an independent taste study.

The results showed that the children well accepted the taste alternatives of Frebini® Drinks.


The independent taste test was performed in the afternoon


We asked the kids to score Frebini Drinks on a 5-level facial scale


The children tasted the products and filled the room with smiley faces!


The parents were asked to taste and score the product as well


The evaluations regard taste, texture, sweetness and colour


Our drinks fulfilled the standards of a very good product, approved by kids****

Recipes with Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink

Frebini® ENERGY (FIBRE) Drink blends nutrition with a great taste that kids enjoy.

Our recipe booklet offers a treasure of imaginative ways to integrate this 
drink into meals. Curious to see what’s inside? Explore the recipes and let your kids discover the great taste.



New flavours of Frebini® Drinks are specially formulated to make meal times tasty for kids while improving their nutritional intake. 

Watch the video to find out more. 

The 200 ml child-friendly EasyBottle is easy to hold, practical to carry on and ready for support when or wherever your child needs. 

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* Versions with fibre to maintain gut health, and fibre-free for patients who cannot tolerate fibre
** Medium Chain Triglycerides
*** According to legal requirements
**** Excluding Vanilla flavour


Frebini® products are food for special medical purposes, that have to be used under medical supervision