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Nutrition is a basic need of life.
The enteral team at Fresenius Kabi is committed to fulfilling this basic need for all people who are unable to take in food orally. We know about the importance of the intestine as the most powerful immune organ of the body. If the gut works, use it! With this, we are in line with the recommendations given by enteral societies for clinical nutrition, like ASPEN and ESPEN.

Our concern is not only to provide patients with enteral nutrition and devices, but also to enable them to live a more independent life. We believe that enteral nutrition should not be a burden on anyone but should serve as a source of energy that supports their life.

Watch Tom’s story, how he enjoys life while living with enteral tube feeding.

For more than 40 years, we have been working with leading healthcare professionals to develop and produce both enteral nutrition and the devices to deliver it. This allows us to build on a wealth of experience to drive new ideas for better patient care.

Our Service

Fresenius Kabi's enteral team provides on-site product application support and customised services to help you achieve your enteral goals.

  • Manage clinical and outpatient processes
  • Ensure highest safety for patients and carers
  • Implementation of medical guidelines
  • Economical provision of services

Everything for the good of the patient.

Providing the right nutrition at the right time in the right context - that is our goal.

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