Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink

Victory of variety & taste*

Take charge of your nutrition without giving up on good taste. 

High energy and high protein supplements may help if you have low appetite. 

Complete formula** of Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink meets your increased nutritional needs with high energy and high protein content.



400 kcal Energy

20 g Protein

10 μg Vitamin D

28 Vitamins, Minerals 
& Trace Elements

All in one bottle


The quality of taste for an oral nutritional supplement may help to increase your nutrient intake.

Keep up the good work with the winning taste of Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink.*


Victory of Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink

An independent taste study held in five European countries defined Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink Vanilla as the winning taste in four identified criteria of acceptance and compliance. 

Best Liking
Best Mouthfeel
Best Aftertaste
Best Aroma

Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink Vanilla has also received a “very good” acceptance rating from consumers.

Oral Nutritional Supplements with a wide flavour variety may help to improve your consumption

Choose from many options of Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink to take charge of your nutrition


 Fresubin/Above pictured products are food for special medical purposes, that have to be used under medical supervision.

Meet the Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink team supporting millions of patients around the globe

The dedicated team of Fresenius Kabi is behind the ongoing Fresubin 2 KCAL Drink success, reaching out to more than 80 countries with long-term experience and good support.

*SAM Sensory Test Results for Fresubin 2kcal DRINK Vanilla /Sensory panel consisting of 11 trained panelists according to QDA methodology (country scope: DE, FR, CH, GB, ES, N=140)
** According to legal requirements