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How to deal with

Swallowing Problems

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Living with dysphagia

An appetizing and tasty diet plan seems almost unmanageable whilst suffering from swallowing problems (Dysphagia). This can reduce your quality of life in an undesirable way. Due to swallowing difficulties the risk of dehydration and malnutrition increases.
Furthermore: simply blending and straining food to a homogeneous mash destroys any joy of eating and taste.

How to manage dysphagia?

One way to manage dysphagia is the adequate supply of texture modified foods. Ingredients have to be chopped, minced, pureed and thickened to the necessary consistency just as all liquids. Carefully chosen textures and drink consistencies recommended by your doctor and healthcare professionals may help to manage your dysphagia. Please follow the diet modification instructions from your healthcare professional, as not all patients require a pureed diet.

Dysphagia in critically ill patients is often overlooked. Please find here a link to an expert guided video explaining dysphagia screening and management options.

Nevertheless: Living with dysphagia doesn’t mean giving up on good meals!

Much of the appeal of food is visual. If a meal looks attractive, it can stimulate the appetite. To sustain dysphagia patients’ enjoyment of eating it is important to keep variety in the diet, individually preferred foods on the menu and to prepare meals that are appetizing and attractive. We provide a cookbook with tips to prepare tasty drinks and meals and arrange them in an appetizing way for dysphagia patients. It gives guidance on the easy and safe use of our thickeners.


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