Fresubin PLANT-BASED Drink

Complete nutrition that supports 
my personal choices

Conscious choice for a greener world

The pioneers of a nutrition-conscious generation are transforming nutritional care for patients with a plant-based approach

Dietary choices are changing


 decrease in meat consumption in EU



of population is flexitarian in EU



lactose intolerance globally



believe plant-based diets are better for the environment


Global demand for plant-based products is expected to increase five-fold by 2030

Plant-based complete nutrition* to support patients with or at risk of malnutrition

High Protein

15 g high-quality soy protein

High Energy

300 kcal energy

High Vitamin D

7,5 μg Vitamin D


4,5 g fibre


Complete Nutrition

All vegan sourced vitamins, minerals & trace elements



Suitable for all types of plant-based diets

Data per bottle (200 ml) 
Food for special medical purposes, to be used under medical supervision

Fresubin PLANT-BASED Drink gives you the freedom to choose an oral nutritional supplement in line with your values. 

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Malnutrition affects 33 million people in EU

Low appetite, difficulty consuming food and poor diet quality may result in malnutrition.


Following a plant-based diet can be especially challenging if you are with of or at risk of malnutrition due to:

• Low protein intake
• Low vitamin D intake
• Low serum levels of vitamin B12
• Low intake of minerals and trace elements such as, calcium, iodine, zinc, and selenium

High energy, high protein oral nutritional supplements, containing high-quality protein and all essential micronutrients can help tackle the risk of malnutrition without compromising on your personal choices

Fresubin PLANT-BASED Drink contains 15 g of high-quality soy protein in 200 ml bottle that provides all essential amino acids. Suitable for all types of plant-based diets

Fresubin PLANT-BASED Drink 
is certified with a vegan label by the world’s leading vegan & vegetarian trademark V-LABEL

V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered seal for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services 

At no stage of production ingredients of animal origin have been used in the production of Fresubin PLANT-BASED Drink


A conscious choice inside & out

It comes in EasyBottle with 30% reduced plastic weight. EasyBottle saves up to 440 tons of plastic per year***

* With all macro- and micronutrients  
** Naturally free of as recipe does not contain animal-origin ingredients
***  Data on file