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Fresubin PRO Drink

Rich nutritional content

in one bottle

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One bottle for your high nutritional needs in case/risk of malnutrition

Fresubin PRO Drink was developed with a holistic approach, to complete your nutritional needs with a nutrient-dense formula, easy to grip bottle design and a user-friendly support system.

High Energy content of

480kcal / 200ml

energySupplementation of calories can help you get the required level of energy to lead an active life and manage weight loss.

High Protein content of

28.8g / 200ml

proteinThe effective dose you need to maximally stimulate and maintain the health of your muscles.

10μg Vitamin D &

700mg Calcium

vitamin50% of your daily Vitamin D need and 78% of your daily Calcium need that helps support musculoskeletal integrity in combination with high protein.

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Join Hannah on her nutritional journey

Life Has Ups and Downs

Hannah had to be hospitalized due to a hip fracture and was surprised to find out she’s at risk of malnutrition.

malnutrition and quality of life

Life is great with the right support

The holistic approach of Fresubin PRO Drink helped Hannah complete her nutritional needs with a nutrient-dense formula, even when she had a low appetite and helped her get the most out of her nutritional journey with the user-friendly support system PRO Support.

Watch Hannah tell the story of her nutritional journey

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Get the most out of Fresubin PRO Drink with PRO Support

PRO Support offers valuable tools to enhance the outcomes of nutritional journey



Oral nutritional supplements have to be used under medical supervision.

Food for special medical purposes, to be used under medical supervision.