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When your normal diet is not enough

Sometimes we still do not manage to maintain or restore an optimal nutritional status, even when we make changes in our diet. Our daily intake lags behind what we need. It then makes sense to top up our intake of nutrients with suitable nutritional supplements.

At the same time, our usual food intake should ideally not be disturbed or restricted. We need to take in additional nutrients to restore our nutrient balance.

Depending on your individual situation and nutritional requirements, your doctor or dietitian may recommend a nutritional supplement. These special products provide additional energy and nutrients like protein and vitamins and thus close the gap between daily requirements and normal food intake.

Fresubin - Your helping hand

Fresubin is a reliable and effective nutritional supplement range designed especially for people who require supplementary dietary intake, yet still want to enjoy the flavour and individual choice at the same time.

The Fresubin range offers a wide selection of customised solutions whenever you need them. Powder-based, ready-made drinks and spoonable dessert-style supplements are available in a variety of flavours. Fresubin empowers you to make the choice that’s best for you and focus on all the things you love in life again. 

Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional about your personal need for support.



Experts agree on Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS)  effectiveness

If there is an increased risk of inadequate nutrition, ONS can fill the gap with high energy and protein and many other essential nutrients. When used for a longer period, they demonstrably improve nutritional status. They are an effective solution for the dietary management of people with or at risk of malnutrition.

Benefits of nutritional supplementation with ONS:

  • Increased body weight
  • Gain in muscle strength and mobility
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced functional impairments

Close the nutritional gap with ONS


ONS – oral nutritional supplements – are designed to maintain an adequate nutrition. They are often high in energy, rich in protein and supply all the nutrients we require daily. ONS are used in addition to normal food if the normal diet is insufficient.


Effective dose of supplementation in the elderly

Experts recommend when ONS provides at least an additional 400kcal and 30g protein per day and include all the necessary nutrients, we can achieve an effective improvement in our nutritional status, a sustainable weight increase, and thus also an improved quality of life: In this way, we can ensure a balanced intake of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins.


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