The Power of Nutrition

A balanced diet for good health

There are many starting points for improving our diet

Often only small changes are needed to adjust our own nutrition to rediscover the Taste for Life and vitality.

If our portions become smaller, it is particularly crucial to select high-quality foods which supply us with many important nutrients and thus ensure that our body is optimally supplied.


First steps for a balanced diet

  • Choose foods with high-quality protein, e.g. milk, meat, fish
  • Improve your intake of vitamins and minerals, e.g. eat fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Look out for healthy fats and oils, e.g. olive oil, rapeseed oil
  • Eat less sweets
  • Eat foods that are rich in fibre, e.g. whole grain bread

Keep moving

Whether we play sport once a week, work out at the gym, work in the garden or go for walks: regular physical exercise brings many benefits. 

We retain our mobility, actively participate in social life and strengthen our muscles. Fresh air and exercise can also stimulate our appetite. When we are optimistic and well-balanced, it is easier to maintain a good nutritional status.




Watch your weight

Often we lose weight when we become older. But mostly, we do not lose body fat, weight loss is caused by muscle loss.

Maintaining our muscular strength is an essential factor in maintaining our mobility as we age. Back problems, unsteadiness when going up the stairs and difficulty in walking can often be avoided with regular exercise.

To support our muscle mass the daily diet should contain protein rich food like meat, milk or fish.

A good nutritional status helps:

Increase your energy levels and maintain strength, so you might feel less tired to:

  • Live an active life
  • Feel stronger
  • Stay independent
  • Be emotionally balanced
  • Rediscover your Taste for Life

Malnutrition and consequences

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Check your nutritional status

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Your effective nutritional solution

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Read about John’s new life

John asked his doctor for advice on whether he could do something himself for a better diet. Now a few weeks later, by making small changes to his diet and taking an oral nutritional supplement, John has almost reached his previous weight again.

With his new energy and more exercise in the fresh air, his zest for life and his appetite have also returned. Today he makes sure he eats a balanced diet, because he knows that a healthy diet makes the difference!