Nurse caring for pre-term baby

Agilia ProNeo

Enteral Nutrition Syringe Pump

dedicated to the little ones

Precise nutrient application for the youngest patients in neonatology

Agilia ProNeo is a good choice when the doctors must to rely on safety and accuracy for their little patients.

Easy and convenient handling in combination with a clear and understandable display makes ProNeo Agilia convenient for healthcare professionals.

Agilia ProNeo - designed to improve safety in neonatal and paediatric care units.

Agilia ProNeo Pump
  • The dedicated Enteral Syringe Pump
  • Especially developed for ProNeo building on the long experience with the Agilia IV pump.
  • Purple colour and labelling for specific enteral use
  • Automatic detection of EN syringes
  • Push guard and keypad lock for a secured usage

Agilia ProNeo - the best option for administration

Agilia ProNeo ensures an accurate and slow administration

  • Flowrate accuracy +/- 3 % for precise milk delivery

  • Different delivery modes cover most clinical practice needs:

Agilia ProNeo Pump
Flowrate only
Agilia ProNeo Pump
Volume over time
Agilia ProNeo Pump
Volume limit

Agilia ProNeo has been designed to be convenient for what matters for neonate nutrition

  • Customisable pressure management for milk delivery 
  • Easy navigation through the menu
  • Night mode for well-being of babies
Pressure setting on Agilia
Agilia ProNeo Pump in night mode



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Agilia ProNeo Pump

Agilia ProNeo

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