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Nutrition and Cancer

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A cancer diagnosis changes everything

Being diagnosed with cancer is deeply shocking news. It is clear to everyone that, if we were in that situation, we would scarcely be able to think clearly or take in important information. There is hardly any time to really understand the diagnosis before treatment starts.

But it is exactly when we are in this situation, that we need to find out everything about our health status so that we understand vital information properly. Additionally, preparing our body before, during and after the various types of treatments will be essential because these treatments may interfere with our nutritional status which could lead to malnutrition.  

A diet suited to our specific needs, which forms a sound basis for the impending cancer treatments, will help form a strong basis to which can fend off malnutrition and help you manage some of the common side effects associated with treatment.





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Read about Tina's story

Tina is 52 years old. She loves her job as a receptionist, even though it is quite stressful at times. Having a big family also demands strength. 

After she was diagnosed with cancer, Tina had to change her daily routine. She could no longer do what she loves because she experienced various side effects from the chemotherapy, including nausea and fatigue. She also noticed unintentional weight loss, due to her decreased appetite and reduced portion sizes.

Tina's regular diet was therefore insufficient to meet her increased needs for energy and nutrients.

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