chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

with Fresubin Energy DRINK Vanilla


200 ml Fresubin Energy DRINK Vanilla
40 g chocolate coating
60 ml cream (30 % fat)
1 pinch of whipping cream stiffener
40 g sugar
1 egg yolk or 25 g egg yolk powder


  1. Melt chocolate coating over a bain-marie. Beat egg yolk and sugar until fluffy. Add Fresubin Energy DRINK Vanilla, stir well. Carefully add the melted coating to the mixture.
  2. Whip the cream together with the stiffener until stiff and fold into the chocolate mixture. Fill mixture into a frost-proof container and freeze.

General information

Difficulty Simple
Portion 1
Time 20 min

Nutritional information per serving

Energy 946 kcal
Protein 19.1 g
51.0 g Fat
Carbohydrate 103.0 g
Fibre 0.0 g

Fresubin product