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Nutrition support wherever you go

Enteral nutrition does not affect your flexibility

Enteral nutrition supports a good nutritional state of patients who cannot ingest sufficient amounts of food. This may be done temporarily for a short time or for a longer period. Being on enteral nutrition does not require the patient to stay in bed. Keeping mobile helps to improve the patient's quality of life and has positive influence on their well-being and mental state. 

Fresenius Kabi provides the equipment tailored to the Amika feeding pump which enables the patient to participate on a normal daily life.

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The Amika Backpack - carry your feed with you

The Amika Backpack is designed to perfectly accommodate all the necessary equipment:

A window in the front makes the display of the Amika pump easily accessible without opening the backpack. You can quickly check the progress of the nutrition delivery or switch off a pump alarm.

Inside, everything is secured and clearly arranged. An inlet and fixing loops keep everything in place and avoid kinking of the tubes. The Giving set is guided out of the backpack through a small lateral opening.

  • Easy access to the pump

  • No tube kinking

  • Everything is perfectly kept in place

Amika + Backpack
Amika Backpack

Food administration - everything goes hand in hand

  • The collapsible EasyBag shrinks upon emptying.
  • The Giving Sets without drip chamber allow horizontal and vertical application.
  • The backpacks are tailor-made for the equipment
Fresubin EasyBag

Our Tube feeds

EasyBags of 500 ml up to 1000 ml can be used in the Backpack.

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Amika EasyBag Mobile Set

EasyBag Mobile Set

A dedicated EasyBag Mobile Set is available to connect to the EasyBag.

Amika Bagset for mobile use

Mobile Bag Set

A Mobile Bag Set for up to 1000 ml with a filling port can be used to fill in nutrition from other containers.