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Caring for the smallest

Enteral feeding of Neonates and Babies 

The fusion of safety, comfort and care: Our ProNeo products

Providing a safe enteral connection in combination with a dedicated design for the benefit of the small patients and caregivers in Neonatal and Paediatric Care Units.

Enabling safe and hygienic enteral application

Smart Details

  • Edge-free design to avoid skin irritation
  • Connector with special wings for excellent grip
  • The world standard ENFit gives safety and flexibility at the same time


  • Solutions for hygienic preparation, storage and application
  • Sterile packaging

Comprehensive product range for all application needs with small little add-ons

  • Various lengths, sizes and diameters of tubes, syringes, sampling straws for individual needs



More than 40 products to support feeding of babies




Agilia ProNeo Pump

Precise administration

Hygienic administration

Hygienic administration

Tube Placement

Tube placement

Mum hugging preterm baby
Accessories ProNeo

Contamination-free preparation




Flexible preparation

Flexible preparation



Application routes

Enteral feed for neonates can be administered in two different ways: Continuous or by bolus.

  • Continuous feeding is administered in gravity-assisted fashion via an open syringe or via a syringe pump.
  • Jejunal feed must be given by continuous administration since there is not enough space to store bolus feeds in that part of the bowel. 
  • Continuous feeds are considered for infants with significant respiratory disease and/or cardiac failure, as well as infants with extremely low birth weight and infants that do not tolerate bolus feeds.

Explore the different feeding routes

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Gravity-Assisted Feeding

Preterm baby

Bolus feeding

Preterm baby

Pump-Assisted Feeding



Find out the right products of our ProNeo range

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ProNeo Transnasal Feeding Tubes

and Extension Sets

ProNeo Accessories

ProNeo Accessories

To ensure a safe and comfortable handling


Pump assisted feeding

Agilia ProNeo Syringe pump

Enteral Nutrition Syringe Pump


ProNeo Syringes

For feeding and medication, different sizes, with centric and eccentric ENFit connector