Preterm Baby

Pump-assisted feeding

of neonates and babies

Pump feeding with the Enteral Syringe Pump Agilia ProNeo

1. Connect MilkBottle Adapter to container

MilkBottle Adapter connected

2. Connect ENFit syringe to MilkBottle Adapter

Connect syringe

3. Connect ENFit syringe to ProNeo Extension Set

Connect syringe to extension set

5. Prime the set and close the clamp

Closed clamp

5. Insert the syringe into the Agilia ProNeo Syringe Pump

Insert syringe into ProNeo Agilia pump

6. Connect the ProNeo Extension Set to the ProNeo Feeding Tube

Connect extension set and feeding tube

7. Open the clamp

Open Clamp

8. Enter the pump parameters and start the pump for feeding

Agilia use
Mum hugging preterm baby

Caring for the smallest