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our Enteral Feeding Tube portfolio
to enable patients to live a more lives

Freka - your trusted partner

The Freka portfolio is designed for use across a wide range of clinical settings and patient types, transforming your patients’ lives by provision of a reliable and unobtrusive enteral feeding option.


  • To meet the different needs of you and your patients who require enteral feeding.
  • A comprehensive and efficient range of over 30 transnasal and percutaneous enteral feeding tubes and accessories.
Transnasal Tube

Transnasal Feeding Tubes

Percutanous tube

Percutaneous Feeding Tubes

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Dressing Sets

Freka is more than a comprehensive range of enteral feeding tubes and accessories.


Freka is...


Confidence and assurance

  • Trusted and reliable feeding tubes
  • Meeting the changing patient needs across hospital and community settings
  • Developed with leading clinicians
  • For best practice decisions

Wisdom and heritage

  • Safe nutritional solutions for more than 40 years
  • Experience and expertise across both medical devices and clinical nutrition
  • Broad variety of tubes to adapt to the needs of adult and paediatric patients

Transformative care

  • Providing continuity of care for patients - from hospital to home feeding
  • Designed to fit the patient - safe, efficient and discreet
  • Supportive at every step of the journey
  • Empowering and encouraging patients to self-care - drive for independence 

Precision and perspective

Place with precision

  • Easy product selection
  • Initial placement instructions and videos
  • Personell Freka specialists 

Gaining perspective

  • Global support by peers
  • Trainings and workshops