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For over 40 years we have been developing innovative enteral nutrition products and devices to support our patients and help them to regain their Quality of Life. With passion we ensure that our patients achieve their individual nutritional targets in the easiest and most convenient way.

As experts in the field of enteral nutrition, we offer a wide selection of customised solutions for every nutritional requirement. 

  • Our enteral devices are made for convenient and safe handling. We offer a wide range to cover the whole patient journey. 
  • We supply tube feeds that are high in protein, with or without fibre, isocaloric or high in calories, for children (> 1 year) and for adults. We have standard and disease-specific products so that you will find the right product for every special need. 
Our Milestones in Enteral Nutrition and Devices
Enteral nutrition in acute phase

Enteral nutrition in acute phase



Patient at home

Enteral nutrition in recovery phase

Patient at home

Enteral nutrition in daily life