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What does it mean for patients to be tube fed?

Every patient has their own story and their very personal experience. We are happy that these are shared with us. 

There are several reasons why and ways of being tube fed. The benefits to patients  and their quality of life are pretty much the same.

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Tom - a 22 year old man with gastoparesis

Watch or download Tom’s story, how he enjoys life while living with enteral tube feeding.





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Tom's story

Leni - a 3 year old girl with Lissencephaly

Improving Leni’s quality of life

Leni is a very special child who loves to smile and spend quality time with her family. Due to the complications caused by her lissencephaly disease, her ability to swallow was impaired. Getting Leni to eat and to gain weight was the source of many tears for all the family and, getting Enteral Nutrition support was a “Eureka” moment, that changed their life.

Watch Leni's story here:

As a parent you may have many questions. Find out what Leni's parents say on FAQs that occur often in the context of tube feeding in children.

Do you have any restrictions in everyday life due to tube feeding?


Which challenges did you face when starting with tube feeding?


How do people around you react?


What is your daily routine?


Does feeding have to be exclusively via tube?


Which food do you use when?


Matys - a 10 year old boy with Cystic Fibrosis

Matys loves climbing and playing sports. Due to digestion problems caused by Cystic Fibrosis, he was not able to improve in terms of weight for two whole years. He started getting Enteral Nutrition support to help him catch up with growth,

Matys's Story
Matys's Story