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New Improvements for Freka PEG


In 1980, Ponsky and Gauderer developed a new endoscopic method for percutaneous feeding tube placement. The so-called PEG was born. This innovation was groundbreaking as it allowed long-term feeding tube placement with only minimal intervention.


Fresenius Kabi launched its first Freka PEG soon after in 1984 and has continuously improved it since then. It has now become the gold standard for gastroenterologists to place an enteral feeding tube. Due to its long durability, Freka PEG is particularly suitable for long-term nutrition. It does not need to be replaced frequently and can last for years with good aftercare1. The Freka PEG Pro range with the same tube design and more safety features a further step in product improvement.


The Freka PEG Pro can be extended with the compatible Freka Intestinal tube for jejunal nutrition. And various balloon feeding tubes are available to replace the Freka PEG Pro in a mature stoma canal. These include the Freka Belly Button range and the Freka GastroTube.


Senior woman

A PEG Feeding Tube overcomes eating limitations

Getting a PEG does not mean the end of a self-determined life. Rather, it is the opportunity to decisively improve the quality of life through a good nutritional status.

The body gets the energy it needs

The patient can be flexible and mobile while eating

Do not worry about enough eating

No more pressure to eat orally

More quality time for the patient

It is really a discreet solution




Explore our new product improvements

Freka PEG Pro FR 14

Freka PEG Pro

  • New safety features
  • Available in 4 new FR-sizes
  • For gastric feeding
Freka Intestinal Tube FR 9_16

Freka Intestinal Tube

  • New versions to comply to Freka PEG Pro
  • Improved connectors
  • For percutaneous jejunal long-term nutrition
Freka PEG Hybrid Set

Freka PEG Pro Hybrid Set

  • Innovative placement method
  • Better patient outcome2
  • Combination of Freka PEG Pro + Gastropexy 




What makes the Freka PEG Pro Hybrid Set so unique?

Combines the benefits of two procedures

The technique combines the advantages of a conventional PEG placement using the pull method with the benefits of a secure adaptation of gastric wall and abdominal wall, independent of PEG fixation.

Reduces complications significantly

Gastropexy lowers PEG complications by up to 85% (2,3), safeguarding the stoma and preventing peritoneal gastric juice infiltration, thus reducing infection risks.

Enhanced stoma healing

Unlike traditional PEG, after gastropexy, the outer PEG plate can be loosely fixed against the abdominal wall2. Thus, a better blood circulation around the stoma enhances stoma healing and early tube mobilization prevents from buried bumper syndrome4.

Protects vulnerable patients

This procedure offers enhanced protection for PEG patients, especially those with compromised health conditions like cachexia, wound healing issues, and diabetes, yielding significant benefits.

Freka PEG Pro Hybrid Set

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How does Freka PEG Pro contribute to a safe usage?


Safety Puncture Cannula

• Trokar with protective cap increases safety after puncture and during waste disposal
• Air valve in puncture cannula reduces air escaping from the stomach during endoscopy


Safety Scalpel

• Safe and multifunctional usage
• Retractable blade for needlestick safety before and after usage
• Intuitive pen-like activation
• Protected blade to cut the PEG thread


Safe ENFit connectors

• Dedicated to enteral application
• Avoids misconnections


Safe and convenient hard blistered tray

• Easy to remove components
• Ready to hand
• Sterile contents fixed by
cover during aseptic provision

Freka PEG Pro

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What are the benefits of a jejunal feeding tube?

Administering nutrition via a jejunal feeding tube involves delivering nutrients directly into the small intestine, bypassing the stomach. This approach reduces the risk of aspiration pneumonia, a critical consideration for individuals with compromised swallowing reflexes or other medical conditions predisposing them to aspirate stomach contents.

The Freka Intestinal Tube is a jejunal extension tube for the gastic Freka PEG Pro. The Freka PEG Pro serves as a guiding tube for the Freka Intestinal tube allowing intestinal acces as well as gastric access.


Freka Intestinal Tube

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1 Sartori, S., et al., Longevity of silicone and polyurethane catheters in long-term enteral feeding via percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 2003. 17(6): p. 853-6

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