Amika Pump used at home

Amika Pump

Personalised Nutrition Delivery

Amika: Your partner for enteral nutrition delivery  

Designed for healthcare providers who demand advanced capabilities for customisation of patient care. Amika and Amika+ are the user-friendly enteral nutrition systems with selectable delivery mode and connectivity to the hospital IT environment.

Amika: The standard pump

Amika Pump

Features for more comfort

  • Silent operation
  • Compact design and long battery life for high mobility
  • Wide variety of pump settings to adapt to all environments
  • Versatile pump holder usable with a wide range of supports

Designed for more safety

  • Dedicated enteral Giving Sets designed with ENPlus and ENFit connectors
  • Latest sensor technology for enhanced detection capability
  • Keypad and Settings Lock functions for safer use of Amika by the patient

Intuitive for higher efficiency

  • Graphical symbol-based display for rapid and universal understandibility
  • Ergonomic and robust design suitable for hospital use and homecare
  • Direct access to main functions to optimise the workflow

Amika+: The flexible pump

Designed like Amika but with a plus of application modes and connectivity.

Amika + Pump

Versatile application

  • Continuous or bolus feeding mode according to the respective clinical needs

Intuitive for higher efficiency

  • Serial communication protocol for interface with Electronic Medical Record
Flexible Usage of Pump


For stationary, mobile and ambulatory use

Efficient Amika Pump


Service tools and plug & play connectivity

Digital pump


Fast setup and easy to handle

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