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Rediscover the Taste for Life

Fresubin – by Fresenius Kabi

At Fresenius Kabi, we are driven by one philosophy: caring for life.

We are passionate about bringing the best solutions to our patients and being a source of valuable information. We know that a good nutritional status will lead to better health outcome and quality of life.

Fresubin is Fresenius Kabi’s nutrition brand that you can drink or eat. For more than 40 years we have listened to patients’ needs and provide dedicated solutions based on scientific evidence. This range of products is designed to support you through times of ill-health by helping to maintain strength and vitality with nutrition.

We have developed this range with expertise and passion as we care about your health. The result is effective and convenient products and services that you can trust.

Let the Fresubin range help you to rediscover your Taste for Life.


Fresubin offers a reliable source of nutrients in balanced formulations and concentrated form. They are intended to maintain and/or improve a good nutritional status by closing the nutritional gap between the daily food intake and the body’s needs. There are a variety of products which provide energy, protein, and micronutrients.


Fresubin are ready to use and easy to handle products in ergonomic packaging. The wide variety of textures and the range of great tasting flavours to suit individual preferences allows optimal combinations and avoid taste fatigue in the diet.


As people in need of nutritional support are particularly vulnerable, we are very aware of the importance of quality and safety. We take great care to verify that the nutritional profile of our products is a perfect fit with the respective indications and latest scientific evidence to ensure the best products and the best mixture of ingredients.

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