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Paediatric enteral tube feeding

Children on enteral tube feeding require special dedication. They may need additional energy and nutrients to grow and support the activities they love. Children are not small adults. Being on enteral tube feeding has a big impact on their lives. Every child should be able to take part in the daily family routine.

Fresenius Kabi supports these special needs with the right portfolio from nutrition to delivery via an enteral feeding tube. The products described here are in general suitable for patients from 1 year of age onwards. You might also find appropriate medical devices in our ProNeo portfolio.

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Our complete portfolio for children

Tube fed girl

Transnasal feeding

Belly Button

Discreet body access with Freka Belly Button

mum changing peg

Longterm feeding with Freka PEG

Freka Pexact

Direct tube placement method

Frebini Tube feeds

Frebini Tube Feed range

Enterale nutrition dedicated for children



Tube fed Boy
Frebini Drinks

Frebini Sip feed range

Enteral nutrition meeting children's preference

Amika Pump

Accurate administration with Amika pump

For stationary and mobile use

Giving Set

Convenient application with Giving Sets

Amika Backpack for Children

Mobility with Amika Backpack

Designed for mobile use of Amika feeding pumps


EnFit Syringes

For feeding and medication, different sizes, with centric and eccentric ENFit connector



Frebini Tube feeds

Frebini is the Fresenius Kabi tube feed range tailored to the needs of children aged 1 year and older. It is supplied in the proven flexible and eco-friendly EasyBag. 

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Frebini Drinks

Frebini Drinks are oral nutritional supplements but can also be administered via a feeding tube using the EasyBottle Adapter. A range is available also for children.

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Tube fed girl

A transnasal tube is the best choice for short-term. A wide range of transnasal feeding tubes are available for each individual need from toddler to teenager:

Belly Button

The Freka Belly Button is an unobtrusive low-profile percutaneous feeding tube. It is ideal for little patients. It does not hinder the child during playing or other activities. A wide variety of sizes and lengths are available to meet the individual needs. The Freka Button Extension Set is developed for the use with the Freka Belly Button.

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Mother changing PEG for her child

Freka PEG is a standard percutaneous feeding tube which is usually used for initial placement. When the stoma has formed the tube can be switched to the Freka Belly Button. For a good aftercare, there are special Dressing sets available. 

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Freka Pexact

Freka Pexact is a direct puncture method which allows initial placement of a balloon feeding tube. This makes switching to the Freka Belly Button easier. With the innovative gastropexy device it is possible to attach the abdominal wall to the stomach wall prior to the puncture. This method can be applied even in very young children.

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Amika Pumps

Pump-assisted feeding is the best way for continuous enteral application.
The Amika pump is a lightweight, user-friendly feeding system for stationary use but also for mobile use at home or outside. The Amika pumps fit into the Amika Backpack for children. 

For the more advanced clinical setting, the Amika + pump offers specific features.

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Giving Set

Dedicated Giving Sets connect the EasyBag or other nutrition containers to the feeding tube. 
Amika Pump Sets are dedicated for the use with the Amika pump. They come as standard sets and as mobile sets to be used in the backpack.

Standard Amika Pump Sets   Giving Sets for mobile use 


All enteral equipment can be perfectly stored in the Amika Backpack. Fresenius Kabi offers a small and handy backpack especially designed for children. A front window enables direct view on the pump display. 

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Freka Connect ENFit syringes are available for tube flushing or bolus application.

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Pump-assisted feeding

Pump assisted feeding

1. Prepare pump

2. Connect

3. Start feeding



Gravity-assisted feeding

Gravity Feeding

1. Prepare

2. Connect

3. Start feeding