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The Power of Nutrition

Supporting you through treatment

A good nutritional status is the optimal base

The nutrition team caring for you will respond individually to any problems and difficulties and adjust the intake of nutrients to suit you. Trust the recommendations from your doctor, dietitians and other healthcare professionals.  

Tips on nutrition during cancer treatment

  • Try to include some nourishing drinks as well as water and tea, especially if you are suffering from nausea or vomiting
  • Eat a little of what you fancy when your appetite allows
  • Try to include a variety of foods to help prevent taste fatigue
  • Allow yourself time to eat and make yourself comfortable
  • Eat with other people as this stimulates the appetite

Benefits of an optimised diet during cancer

  • Feel better
  • Keep up your strength, energy and immune functions
  • Preserve your lean body mass and your body's nutrients storage
  • Better tolerate treatment-related side effects
  • Improve your quality of life – and your overall Taste for Life


power of nutrition woman

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