Specific nutritional support for children

Meeting their higher nutritional needs

Giving children a helping hand of nutritional support

Frebini® Tube Feeds are scientifically developed to meet the higher nutritional needs of children with or at risk of malnutrition when oral nutrition is not sufficient or not possible.


Whenever your child needs support

Going through treatments, surgeries, or certain diseases may challenge your child’s consumption of the necessary nutrients needed for recovery and growth. Tube feeds may help children to support their nutritional status.

Frebini® Tube Feeds help to increase energy intake and may support gaining body weight to catch up or maintain growth.

Frebini® Tube Feeds* are formulated for complete nutrition: With high-quality protein, a balanced fat profile and all vitamins and minerals according to legal requirements. 


A good relief for children’s life

The feeding tube can be a reversible application that can be placed through the nose or through the abdominal area to reach the stomach. Children with a feeding tube can still enjoy regular food as long as it is safe for them to swallow. At the same time, you can rely on that your child gets all nutrients they need for growth and development.

Living with a tube does not stop a child from enjoying life or doing the things they love to do. On the contrary, it gives them and their parents more quality time to enjoy while supporting their nutritional status.

Real-life experiences with Frebini® Tube Feeds


Meet Matys

He is a footballer, a tennis player, and a climber who lives with a feeding tube and has an inspiring story with valuable insights…


Discover Leni’s story

Being introduced to tube feeds gave Leni’s family more time to cuddle, play and spend quality time with each other. Discover how tube feeds helped improve the quality of life for Leni and her family…



Our Frebini® Tube Feeds are available in two different energy levels. Both alternatives are offered with or without fibre.

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