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CARE for Recovery

after COVID-19

Recovery after COVID-19

COVID-19 is a debilitating disease that can affect appetite leading to not only weight loss, but also malnutrition, and to the loss of muscle mass, strength and vitality. During hospitalisation the risk of malnutrition is counteracted by a predetermined dietary plan. Back at home, it is also important to consider an adequate diet to provide the right amounts of nutrients including protein for optimal recovery. To help achieve this balanced diet and reduce the risk of  malnutrition, oral nutritional supplements can easily support you.

However, recovery is not just about an adequate diet or a good nutritional status. Contact with family and friends, rebuilding physical strength by easy exercises and being consistent in implementation of the therapy recommended by the doctor or healthcare provider - all these aspects will help you to recover and are core of CARE for Recovery.

CARE for Recovery


CARE for Recovery

Recovering from COVID-19 is not only being free of the virus. It involves much more and should focus on a holistic approach. 

The four pillars can support your way back to normality: Contact, Adherence, Right nutrition and Exercise - CARE for Recovery.

CARE for Recovery

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Resources for your recovery

Find here various useful resources to help support your recovery after hospital stay.

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Tasty recipes

Cooking is fun and can support recovery. 

You may find some recipes to try-out and improve your nutritional status here.

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Exercises to support breathing

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