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Preparation of drinks & meals for Dysphagia patients

How to prepare dishes with Thick & EasyTM Clear

Most dysphagia patients have a safer swallow with thickened drinks compared to thin liquids. Everybody has their individual preferences for certain foods and drinks. Please check the level of thickening recommended by your healthcare professional and follow the instructions on the tin to reach that recommended level of thickening.

Drink preparation


1. Always use the measuring scoop

that comes in the tin of Thick & Easy Clear to use the right amount of powder to reach the recommended level of thickening.

Spoon over glass

2. Scoop the desired amount of powder

in a clean and dry mug, glass or bowl.

Pour water in a glass

3. Quickly add the liquid

and start stirring immediately.

Stir well

4. Stir thoroughly

but cautiously with a whisk or fork.

Stay for a rest

5. Allow to stand for a few minutes

to reach the required consistency. Stir before serving.

Carbonated drinks

Use a bigger stirring glass for the preparation. Stir until flat and then pour into a container already prepared with the correct amount of thickener.

Thickening level instruction

Thickening pyramide

How to use the Thick & Easy Clear scoop

  • Scoop size = 1.4g
  • Graph shows the number of scoops required for a 200ml drink
  • Always level off the powder in the scoop
  • Once prepared use promptly

Get inspired by our recipes with Thick & Easy Clear:

Food preparation for dysphagia patients

When thickening blended food with Thick & Easy Clear, you don't have to put the thickener in the empty container first, you can simply add the thickener to the blended food.


How to achieve a thick and smooth consistency

  • Do not stir into drinks or puréed food which are very hot (>70° C).
    Let hot drinks and dishes cool down before thickening.
  • To ensure the safe consumption, use probes to check the temperature at the different levels of preparation.
  • To get creative with your dishes, use different moulds kinds of nozzles for piping bags
  • If your ingredients are too solid after the blending process, you have to add fluid (preferably nourishing liquids or water).

How to use your kitchen equipment to prepare appealing dishes

You are aiming for a thick, smooth consistency. With practice you will learn how to use the common kitchen equipment for the various recipes. The following pieces of equipment could be found in any household and may help in the preparation of delicious, really nice, appealing looking dysphagia-suitable food.


How to prepare various ingredients for pureed meals

Delicious Food